Saturday 8 January 2011

AnkSteer (formerly Flypad)

Wanted to use your phone as a driving wheel? Finally, a fully working beta of Flypad!


Implemented Functionality
  • The accelerometer is used to control the Rotation-X analog component of the virtual joystick
  • Two bars (in green) for the Axis-X & Axis-Y analog components.
  • Four buttons (in blue) corresponding to buttons 13–16 of the joystick
  • 32-bit editon of Windows
  • Bluetooth receiver, that works with drivers from Bluesoleil or Microsoft
  • PPJoy
  • A touchscreen device that runs Java Mobile with an accelerometer and Bluetooth, i.e. CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0, JSR-82, JSR-256
  • Install PPJoy
  • Insert your Bluetooth dongle
  • Enable Bluetooth on your phone
  • Install FlypadPhone-0.9.0.jar on your phone and run it
  • Grant necessary permissions if asked to
  • You should see the app showing 'Awaiting client connection'. If it's showing something in red, then you may need to restart your phone and run it again. Bluetooth seems to be buggy on my Samsung Star.
  • Start Flypad HOST on your PC using start.bat. It should find the device and show its URL. To stop it, press CTRL + C. Due to a certain bug (possibly in my code) it's important the you start Flypad HOST after Flypad PHONE is ready and indicating that it's waiting for client connections.
  • Open the joystick settings in the Control Panel and check if it's working fine.
  • You can stop FlypadPhone using the Red key on your device.
  • May not work well on Nokia phones for the moment because of their autorotate feature.
  • NFSU2 doesn't seem to work well with PPJoy.
  • Doesn't support multitouch so one can't press two buttons at once. It wasn't a problem for me, but it may need some getting used to.
The source code is available at GitHub:

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